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Microlite’s R-FILL has been developed as natural filler keeping in mind the requirements of the plastic industry. The particle size distribution is designed to give best results. Production on trails of the product has given satisfactory results. It has been established that the resultant product has desired properties and savings in additives.

PRODUCTION PLANT Distt. Alwar [Rajasthan], Hosur [Tamil Nadu]
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT Natural ultrafine calcite powder manufactured from high purity ores.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF RAW THE RAW MATERIALS Density [ISO 787/10]                  2.7
Refractive Index 1.5
Hardeness [Mohs] 3
SPECIFIC PRODUCT DATA Fineness          
  Residue on a 45um sieve [ISO 787/7]            <0.02%
Top cut [d90%] 15 mm
Mean particle size [d50%]            4 mm
Particles < 15 mm          90%
Particles < 5 mm 50%
 Whiteness ASTM E313       93%
 Tappi Brightness [ISO 2470]  94%
 Moisture ex works [ISO 787/2] <0.2%
GENERAL PRODUCT DATA  Unpacked bulk density [ISO 787/11]     0.8g/ml
   pH value [ISO 787/9]  8.5-9
Oil absorption [ISO 787/5] 18g/100g
DOP absorption [ISO 787/5] 26g/100 g

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