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PRODUCTION PLANT Distt. Alwar [Rajasthan], Hosur [Tamil Nadu]
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT Natural ultrafine calcite powder manufactured from high purity ores.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF RAW THE RAW MATERIALS Density [ISO 787/10]                  2.7
Refractive Index 1.5
Hardeness [Mohs] 3
SPECIFIC PRODUCT DATA Fineness          
  Residue on a 500mesh sieve [ISO 787/7]            <0.02%
Top cut [d98%] 21 mm
Mean particle size [d50%]            4 mm
Particles < 15 mm          90%
Particles < 5 mm 50%
 Whiteness ASTM E313       94%
 Tappi Brightness [ISO 2470]  93%
 Moisture ex works [ISO 787/2] <0.2%
GENERAL PRODUCT DATA  Unpacked bulk density [ISO 787/11]     0.78g/ml
   pH value [ISO 787/9]  10
Oil absorption [ISO 787/5] 26g/100g
DOP absorption [ISO 787/5] 29g/100 g

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